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Welcome To A Special Place Where Worlds
And Cultures Fuse, Blend, And Meld...



Earlenmeyer Flask Science AnimationWelcome to the leading edge of alternative music, riding on a  foundation of Jazz, World, Urban and Fusion with a seemingly endless musical vocabulary.  

This diversity of raw ingredients bubbles up a compelling, magical brew of sound - A potent alchemy of music that could only come from - KAOSZ THEORY.  

Not only is the sound unique - the band consists of Female Vocalist, Male Hip Hop, Electric Violin, DJ Turntable Master, Keyboard, Bass and Drums. But this delightful Kaosz comes from more than innovative instrumentation. Our sole method of creating music is pure improvisation from beginning to end.

This power house assembly of LA's best studio talent creates new and unexpected music moment by moment. What you'll hear out of the soul of these amazing musicians and from this multiplicity of styles, are musical soundscapes that reach out and touch everyone who listens. Beautiful melodies soar, deep grooves just get deeper, and contrapuntal interplay between the players mysteriously intertwine like a finely woven fabric. In the end, there is a glorious alchemy that even the members can't explain.

Kaosz Theory is a tour de force and a musical labor of love from these LA based pros, that taps over a century of combined experience in performance, recording, arranging and composing for concerts, records, film and television.  


Contact and Booking Information:
Barbara Collin
Collin Artists
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